About Cloud Procurement

Cloud Procurement believe in the value of eSourcing technology – bringing you solutions whatever the nature and size of your business. We bring real quantifiable savings to your business.

Cloud Procurement have delivered £11M savings over 2 years for one client alone. In the same 2 years we have saved more than £120M across our client base.

We are independent and privately owned, therefore able to focus entirely on your success. We work as a network of highly experienced talent with over 50 years of combined experience, bringing our passion and enthusiasm to every project, no matter how big or small. We are delivering across 87 different categories and have managed more than 1000 projects. We’ve walked in your shoes, we ask the right questions, and we will listen to your requirements. The result is a highly customised solution that meets your business needs. We have enabled cost-savings to a wide variety of businesses across a number of industry sectors.

We believe in a highly individual approach: we offer solutions in a modular format tailored every step of the way to your needs. We ensure your business ethics and branding are conveyed throughout the process.

We stay at the front of the industry through our determination and depth of skill and ability to deliver eSourcing technologies that save real money in real time. We make what was only previously possible for enormous multi-nationals achievable for all businesses: large and small.

We will go above and beyond to meet your eSourcing and procurement requirements. Getting you to market quickly, we will support, advise, train and increase your productivity. We will share our knowledge and transfer our skills to you to ensure you have a system that is not only ideal for you, but usable by all within the business.

We have a proven track record of making substantial savings for our Clients through:

We are proud to work with a team-base of highly-focussed and talented individuals, drawing on our collective expertise to bring you the very best in eSourcing solutions.
Our eSourcing Solutions draw on the very best of both our in-house technologies and expertise as well as market leading partners we work with, to provide a tailor made package for your business.

Cloud Procurement: Flexible Solutions Tailored To Your Needs.