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Cloud Procurement delivers cloud-based strategic solutions to meet your business needs: whatever the size or complexity. Offering you a secure hosted service accessed via the internet – wherever you are, whenever you need it, giving you:

We offer fixed pricing or value billing for managed events, it’s a small investment by comparison to the return we give back to you!

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eTenders & Auctions

Cloud Procurement work with you to reduce costs in Real Time.

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  • Substantial time and cost savings in administration and management
  • Pre-Qualification process using: ePQQ or eRFI, reducing time and increasing efficiency, ensuring capable ready suppliers can deliver
  • No compromise to eAuction quality
  • Uniform data analysis and reporting on all bids enabling ease of comparison and ability to score proposals: qualitative and quantitative comparisons
  • Transparency
  • Auction and timeframe efficiency including reduced time on supplier negotiations.
  • Competitive bidding between suppliers leading to significant cost savings
  • Weighted questions depending on the importance of set criteria with automated scoring and marking
  • Simple, and intuitive systems
  • Central straight forward information storage and retrieval aiding tactical and strategic decision-making
  • Options to choose a variety of eAuction types:
    • English Reverse eAuctions: generating a typical curve from “high” start pricing to “low” driven by competition.
    • English Forward eAuctions: the value of the bids placed are higher, so the curve starts from low and progresses to high.
    • Dutch eAuctions: working on a first- come first-served basis meaning that the first supplier to submit a bid closes the auction, starting from a predefined starting price.
    • Japanese eAuctions: at pre-determined times, the auction price will go down in value. For suppliers to remain in the auction they must accept the bid value given, otherwise they face exclusion if the time allowed has lapsed.